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Deepen Your Yoga Practice
Judith Timchula, DDs

On Broadway & the Boulder Spa

Holiday Gift Eblasts
Kate Dykema, RN, CNM

Alandi Ayurveda Health Clinic

Alakananda Ma
Alandi Ayurveda Health Clinic
Hormonal imbalances

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the advertiser forum - insights & advice

  Nancy Harris, DSS

Nancy Harris, DSS
How to Connect in a Disconnected World

  Organic Hair Color

Tina Van Dusen
Organic Hair Color
Why it makes a

Rocky Mountain Ortho Bionomy

Sheri Covey
comes to Denver
November 4th-8th

  Melanie Brown

Melanie Brown
A Miracle Transformation
Healing Cancer

  Heather Reynolds, LPC, CP

Heather Reynolds,

Feeling Stuck?
Rapid Resolution Therapy could hold the key.

  Standing in the Light

Lori Rock & Martha Moore
Ending the Experiment
in Duality





travel forum - fun trips for fall

  Colorado's Good Spirits
Colorado's Good Spirits
A trip to Hotchkiss, Cedaredge & Palisade
  Rocky Mountain Sigh...
Rocky Mountain Sigh.....
Inn to Inn hiking in
Estes Park
  Hot Sulfur Springs

Hot Sulfur Springs
Steamy soaks for pleasure
or health

  Pagosa Hot Springs

Pagosa Hot Springs &
Wolf Creek Ski Area

Hot Springs & Sizzling Ski Runs





foodie forum - food for fall

  Yes You Can!
Yes you can!
Preserving Summer's Harvest
  Urban Foraging

Urban Foraging
Why doesn’t everyone do this?

  Nothing to Sneeze At
Nothing to Sneeze At
How to feed your cold
and flu
  Cook it low and slow
Cook it Low andSlow
Healthy Crockpot Cooking




medical forum - insights, advice and musings

  Why do we dream?
The Dream Life
Why do we dream?
  The Benefits of Meditation
The Benefits of
  Preventing Alzheimer's
Preventing Alzheimer's
Many things can reduce
your risk
  Scientific Truth: Fact or Fashion
Scientific Truth:
Fact or Fashion



blast from the past - more on tiny house living

  Simple Freedom  

In our January/Feburay 2013 issue we interviewed Tammy Strobel author of You Can Buy Happiness (And It's Cheap). At 34 Tammy just wanted her life to be a little less complicated. "Stuff is replaceable. People aren't". To read her interview click here.

Since we interviewed Tammy we have kept abreast of the Tiny House movement. A Boulder couple built a tiny house and created a documentary entitled:Tiny: A story about living small ( that can be rented on Netflix.


My new favorite pastime however is the Tiny House Newsletter ( Each day I get an email that shows around 5 tiny houses with lots of pictures. Here are some of my favorites. Yeah, I could live here. However, my dear friend and architect, ML Robles, suggested we build a tiny house from all of our metal news racks we will no longer be using. Seems like a lot of turquoise to me...

  Baumbaum 301 Sq. Ft. Modern Treehouse Cabins   Luxury Tiny Living in Poolside Tiny Cabin
  500 sq. ft. Cliff house in Chile   240 SF Micro Apartment in NYC with Library and Loft
Nita Desai, MD

Nita Desai, M.D.
East/West Integrated Medicine
Women's Health

Julith timchula, DDS

Judith Timchula, DDS
Gentle Care & Aesthetic Dentistry

Mercury & Latex Free
Low Dose Digital Radiography
State of the Art Equipment

Stefany Carstensen FNP-C

Stefany Carstensen
Colorado Osteopathic &
Integrative Medicine

Primary care
Women's health care

Joy Om

Joy Om
Advanced Certified Rolfer

Cranio-sacral Therapy

Martina Kuhar
Martina Kuhar
Reiki-based Energy Healing
Private Healing Sessions
Long Distance Healing
Benifeet - Pam Moser Pam Moser
Experience profound relaxation with
River of Sound - Karen Danko Karen Danko
River of Sound
Sound is a powerful healer
Deep relaxation
Reduces stress
Vivian Anderson

Vivian Anderson
Reiki & Healing Touch
Nurturing support for your healing pro

Roslyn Stockwell Roslyn Stockwell
Rapha Spirit, Ltd.

Energy Healing with Reiki
Reiki Master & Certified Crystal Reki Master
Melanie Brown Melanie Brown
The Cancer Expert
Develop a personal
transformative/healing cancer journey
Helios Integrated Medicine
Helios Integrated

PIerre Brunschwig, M.D.
Deborah Breakwell
Margaret Hampton
Reid Bruggemann

Reid Bruggemann
Classical Homeopath

Ginger Withee

Ginger Withee
Eminent Reiki™ Master

Dr. Maria Gentile

Dr. Maria Gentile
Colorado Osteopathic &
Integrative Medicine

Family Practice, Massage Therapy
Acupuncture & Lifestyle Modification

Zachary Musgrave, D.O.

Zachary Musgrave, D.O.
Front Range Osteopathic Medicine
Specializing in Osteopathic
Manipulative Treatment (OMT)

Edie Stone, MA, LPC

Edie Stone, MA, LPC
Psychotherapy & Counseling
Shamanic Journeys
Couples & Individuals

Nancy R. Harris, DSS

Nancy R. Harris, DSS Professional Intuitive

"A Spiritual Approach to Resolving Everyday Issues"

Lynda Hilburn

Lynda Hilburn
Transformation - Reinvention
Change - ReCreation - Growth

Elizabeth Walker

Elizabeth Walker
Relationship Strategist
International Teacher
30 Years in Personal Consciousness

Rolf Institute

Rolf Institute of Structural Integration®
The Original School of Rolfing®
Structural Integration

Boulder Psychic Institute

Boulder Psychic Institute
Gain the necessary skills that will
make your life fun and easy!

Rocky Mountain Ortho-Bionomy Center

Rocky Mountain
Ortho-Bionomy Center

New program strting November 2014
in Denver - Sign up now!

Psychic Horizons Center

Psychic Horizons Center
We offer classes & workshops that
teach you how to access your own clairvoyant & healing abilities

Hakomi Institute

Hakomi Institute
A leader in Mindfulness and Somatics
in Psychotherapy for over 30 years

Kate Dykema, M.S, C.N.M.

Kate Dykema MS, CNM
Allegro Women's Services
Kate is a warm & sensitive medical
care provider with a holistic approach
to wellness - 25 years of experience

Ravi Dykema-Yoga Therapist

Ravi Dykema
Yogiraj, Yoga Chikitsaka
(Yoga Therapist)