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Judith Timchula, DDs

On Broadway & the Boulder Spa

Holiday Gift Eblasts
Kate Dykema, RN, CNM
Caffe Sole

ravi's riff- Eulogy for a great whistle blower

Toxic GoodsTheo Colborn, Ph.D. alerted us to horrific toxins in our environment: hormone disrupting chemicals. She died last Sunday at home in Paonia, Colorado.

You have likely heard about Pthalates and bisphenol A. And you may be avoiding microwaving your leftovers in plastic containers because of the risk that you’ll be exposed to these chemicals. Or perhaps you read shampoo and cosmetic labels carefully so as to avoid these hormone disruptors. If you don’t you should. And you should especially urge your child-bearing-aged daughters to avoid these chemicals.
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Celebrating the Winter Solstice


Ideas for Celebrating the Winter Solstice

December 21st is Winter Solstice — the first day of winter and the shortest day of the year. Celebrated by cultures across the globe for more than 6,000 years, it signifies the return of light and with it, life.

Some ideas for celebrating:

Throw a Solstice Party. This can be as simple as meeting around a bonfire the night of, or as one friend does, include food, drinks, poetry and musings from the past year. For some ideas please see: How to Have a Solstice Celebration by Kristy Lund.

Star House Family Winter Solstice On the winter solstice, we mark the longest night of the year and celebrate the rebirth of the sun. This is cave time — time to forge deeper connections to nature and family, time to feed the spirit and nurture the soul. Please join us at the StarHouse for a cozy, family friendly, and low key celebration. We will have crafts, snacks, hot cider, and stories. All ages and all kinds of families are welcome to join our circle as we honor this seasonal deepening and welcome winter.Open to the public, suggested donation $30 per family, $15 per adult, $5 per kid.

Unity of Boulder Spiritual Center is hosting a Winter Solstice Celebration!!! Come celebrate the Winter Solstice at Unity of Boulder and experience the ritual of drumming, dancing and singing during this special ceremony. We will have chanting, singing and drumming with Norma Groverland. Bring a frame drum if you would like and a snack to share after the event. 5pm at Boulder Unity 2855 Folsom St, Boulder.

Get out and learn something new. Sign up for a Winter Solstice Snowshoeing
Winter, Adventure with REI at Echo Lake
. Description: Discover the joy of winter and the freedom of snowshoeing! On this field outing, you'll learn snowshoeing techniques, ascending and descending hills, snow hazard awareness, and winter preparedness. Snowshoes, snowshoe poles and professional instruction on proper use of equipment, to make every trip a success included.

Other ideas or events we haven't listed? Please let us know at



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Dr. Maria Gentile
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Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment Family Practice, Massage Therapy
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Zachary Musgrave, D.O.
Front Range Osteopathic Medicine
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Edie Stone, MA, LPC
Psychotherapy & Counseling
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26 years of training in Energy Psychology
"A Spiritual Approach to Resolving Everyday Issues"

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Elizabeth Walker
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Psychic Horizons Center
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Kate Dykema MS, CNM
Allegro Women's Services
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Ravi Dykema-Yoga Therapist

Ravi Dykema
Yogiraj, Yoga Chikitsaka
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Alandi Ayurveda Health Clinic

Alakananda Ma
Alandi Ayurveda Health Clinic
Hormonal imbalances

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Belle Star
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Judith Timchula, DDS
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Martina Kuhar
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