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Kate Dykema, RN, CNM

ravi's riff - The uber-rich discover Buddhism

Ravi at 20 meditatingOnce a month I receive "T", The New York Times Style Magazine, with my Sunday New York Times. Not because I need to impress associates with a Bottega Veneta brief case or impress ladies by displaying my Movado watch on my wrist. This mag is not created for me-it's for rich people. At least all the ads are. I look at it as would a voyeur.

So I perked up when I saw an article in last weekend's "T" titled "The Meaning of Life", by Tim Wu. The angle here is that mindfulness (and thus Buddhism) is in style. Wu doesn't say it outright, but the whole magazine is about style-clothes, couches, vacations, jewelry. The NYT puts out another Sunday magazine, delivered at the same time, that covers broader issues. This one has its finger on the pulse of STYLE.

So. Cool. Buddhism is suddenly in style. But it wasn't always so . . .

Ravi Dykema, Publisher (shown above at 20, meditating in India)

Every day, you face a multitude of questions related to your health and well-being. Here are some answers...

How much exercise do I need?


Combine the cardiovascular effects of short spurts of high-intensity training, with the mind-calming, muscle-stretching benefits of yoga. Three to five times a week or more, do the chase- a- rabbit for 12 to 15 minutes; do a yoga class three to five times a week or more, and try to stretch for 10 to 15 minutes every morning. And do something you’ll enjoy; life’s too short to damage your knees or hate your exercise program.

Should I remove my mercury fillings?


If you have a large number of mercury fillings, especially if they’re old, and you’ve decided to have them removed, find a holistic or biological dentist who follows a strict protocol for removing mercury amalgams. If you choose not to have them specifically replaced, make sure that any current or future fillings are made of BPA-free composites, rather than amalgams. And be aware that if you have older fillings that need to be replaced, they probably have mercury – and unless you’re going to a dentist who’s familiar with that protocol, you’re probably releasing mercury into your body.

How much coffee is okay to drink? 

If you’re stressed or anxious already, coffee is not your friend. If you suffer from insomnia or acid reflux, switch to green tea. And if you do drink coffee, find your own personal limit (and be honest about it). Pay attention to how you feel 30 minutes to 2 hours after one eight-ounce cup. You may find that it’s an okay drug for you – or that maybe one cup is plenty after all.


Answers taken from Up with Health- Nexus feature compiled by Lisa Turner
Click here to read the whole feature.


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