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ravi's riff - Buying ThanksgivingBoycott Black Thursday

The front lines of the debate about “the holidays” in America is Thanksgiving: Whether to make money that day or to close shop and give employees a day off. One the one side is Walmart and other stores which stay open on Thanksgiving, on the other is Costco and about two dozen other major retailers, which close for the day. This pressure-to-open-on-Thanksgiving trend is only a few years old according to Richard A. Galanti, CFO of Costco, as reported in the New York Times of November 15. And it pits the “families first” folks against the “customers rule” crowd (money may rule too).

The gripe? That staying open means employees have to miss family gatherings. Some companies, such as GameStop, with 4600 US stores, say protecting the family is sacrosanct. Whereas Walmart officials told Galanti that they are doing customers a favor by reducing the long lines on Black Friday. In fact, last Thanksgiving Macy’s flagship store in New York was deluged with a crowd of 15,000 before the doors even opened!

If you feel strongly about stores (other than gas stations, grocery stores, liquor stores, hospitals, etc . . ?) closing on Thanksgiving you can join the Fair Workweek Initiative, or sign a petition on, or like “Boycott Black Thursday” on Facebook.
Or, of course, you can, like me, stay home that day

Tell us what you think by posting on our Facebook page.

This week we switch things up with answers from our readers to:

What is your most cherished family or clan ritual during the Nov-Dec holidays?

Patricia J. Turner Valerie A. Szarek Marylou Robles


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Boulder Massage Therapy Institute

Boulder Massage
Therapy Institute

The power of touch
and the birth of a
massage school

  Nancy Harris, DSS
Nancy Harris, DSS
How to Connect in a Disconnected World

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Nexus Guide to
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Aimee Horton
Aimee Horton
Hands on Harmony Massage
Integration of Swedish and Deep
Tissue Massage
with Neuromuscular Therapy
Dr. Maria Gentile

Dr. Maria Gentile
Osteopathic & Integrative Medicine

Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment Family Practice, Massage Therapy
Acupuncture & Lifestyle Modification

Zachary Musgrave, D.O.

Zachary Musgrave, D.O.
Front Range Osteopathic Medicine
Specializing in Osteopathic
Manipulative Treatment (OMT)

Edie Stone, MA, LPC

Edie Stone, MA, LPC
Psychotherapy & Counseling
Shamanic Journeys
Couples & Individuals

Nancy R. Harris, DSS

Dr. Nancy R. Harris, DSS Intuitive Psychotherapist
26 years of training in Energy Psychology
"A Spiritual Approach to Resolving Everyday Issues"

Elizabeth Walker

Elizabeth Walker
Relationship Strategist
International Teacher
30 Years in Personal Consciousness

Rolf Institute

Rolf Institute of Structural Integration®
The Original School of Rolfing®
Structural Integration

Rocky Mountain Ortho-Bionomy Center

Rocky Mountain
Ortho-Bionomy Center

Be Inspired!

Psychic Horizons Center

Psychic Horizons Center
We offer classes & workshops that
teach you how to access your own clairvoyant & healing abilities

Boulder Massage Therapy Institute

Boulder Massage
Therapy Institute
Boulder's brand new
massage school

Kate Dykema, M.S, C.N.M.

Kate Dykema MS, CNM
Allegro Women's Services
Kate is a warm & sensitive medical
care provider with a holistic approach
to wellness - 25 years of experience

Ravi Dykema-Yoga Therapist

Ravi Dykema
Yogiraj, Yoga Chikitsaka
(Yoga Therapist)

Alandi Ayurveda Health Clinic

Alakananda Ma
Alandi Ayurveda Health Clinic
Hormonal imbalances

Belle Star

Belle Star
Challenge Coaching

Julith timchula, DDS
Judith Timchula, DDS
Gentle Care & Aesthetic Dentistry

Mercury & Latex Free
Low Dose Digital Radiography
State of the Art Equipment
Stefany Carstensen FNP-C

Stefany Carstensen
Colorado Osteopathic &
Integrative Medicine

Primary care
Women's health care

Joy Om

Joy Om
Advanced Certified Rolfer

Cranio-sacral Therapy

Martina Kuhar
Martina Kuhar
Reiki-based Energy Healing
Private Healing Sessions
Long Distance Healing
Higher Brain Living Higher Brain Living
Higher Consciousness is
available to you
Helios Integrated Medicine
Helios Integrated

PIerre Brunschwig, M.D.
Deborah Breakwell
Margaret Hampton
Reid Bruggemann

Reid Bruggemann
Classical Homeopath

Ginger Withee

Ginger Withee
Spiritual Facilitator
Eminent Reiki™ Master




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