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Vacation Retreat in Crestone, CO
The Diamond Approach
On Broadway & the Boulder Spa
Sustainable Living Association
Alan Green DDS - The Natural Dentist
Kate Dykema, RN, CNM
Caffe Sole


Look to to find your next holistic physician, psychotherapist, counselor, coach, intuitive healer, spiritual teacher, natural dentist, rolfer, reiki master, massage therapist, psychic and more in the Boulder/Denver area. Or find the perfect school/workshop/event to become one!



Ravi's Riff- Alive online


We’ll soon have a new name, befitting our new vitality online. We’ll still be Denver-and-Boulder’s most-consulted healthy-living site. But we are converting all our most-read archived online articles along with all of our recent ones to a new improved easier-to-use site. With a new name.

Our beloved site has served us well for 19 years. It is reaching 40,000 people per month and a display ad on our site usually gets around 300 clicks in that time. These are GREAT numbers, and we’re proud. But, inspired by our now-exclusive focus on reaching you online (our last print Nexus was September-October 2014), we’re hard at work on a site that will reach WAY more people like you.

It will be called And it launches April 1. You’ll be able to comment on articles you read, check out authors, stay hip to what’s happening via our calendar, try out recipes, get seasonal local travel tips from the incomparable Wendy Underhill, and much much more!

This is a mid-life change, of sorts. You see, at 36 years old Nexus has accumulated experience and wisdom to fill a five foot stack of print magazines (180 issues), and a 600-page website (which we’ve been building since 1996). No born-on-the-web sites have NEARLY this much depth. And those 36 years and that depth gives us just what you need in this buzzingly networked age: perspective. And authenticity (we didn’t invent ourselves yesterday!). And credibility (we have written about nutrition, for example, over 200 times). And superb writing and editing.

So in one week, April 1, we’ll announce in our Wednesday Morning Newsletter (sign up here, if you aren’t yet) that we are re-born as

We’re thrilled to be ALIVE. And we think you will be too!

by Ravi Dykema

One very good reason to live in Boulder (or close by)


CWA 2015
CWA 2015

Originally founded in 1948 as a forum on international affairs, the CWA expanded rapidly in its early years to encompass the arts, media, science, diplomacy, technology, environment, spirituality, politics, business, medicine, human rights, and so on. Roger Ebert, who participated in the CWA for four decades, always referred to the CWA as "the Conference on Everything Conceivable."


Although many of the panelists ordinarily command large speaking or performance fees, CWA participants attend at their own expense, finding reward in a fascinating and diverse group of people from around the globe.

All events are free and open to the public-and attended by students, faculty, staff, alumni, townsfolk, journalists and visitors from around the nation. Audiences range in size from an intimate 100 to over 2,000 at individual sessions, with a combined total of more than 77,000 over the course of five days.

Click here to go to the official site
Click here for schedule and participants



The Nexus Forum - Read on to get healthy & get happy


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  How to save 16,000 gallons of water per year   Fiona Cattermole -Certified Clairvoyant and Pet Communicator
As good as it gets
  Tammy Stroble's advice on running a web-based writing business
  Save Seed Mondy   Farmers' Markets
  The Wisdom of Siestas

The Wisdom of Siestas
by John Douillard, DC

  Are your Fantasies Undermining your success?
  The Gift of Massage
Octogenarian Massage
Boulder Massage Therapy Institute
  Is putting a plastic container in the microwave really that bad?
  Embrace Your Limitations   Ideas for Releasing Judgment & Holding Serenity
  Choices 2015 by Dr. Dixie Clark, MS, DSS
Choices 2015
by Dr. Dixie Clark,
  The glorious return of the egg
  Make-Out for a Healthy Microbiome

Make-Out for a Healthy
by John Douillard, DC

  Holistic Medicine
  Dr. Rav Ivker's Peak of Health

Peak of Health
An interview with
Rav Ivker, D.O.

Community Supported Agriculture Shares

Thinking of a CSA share?
The benefits of community
supported agriculture

  Ayurveda for Weight Loss

Ayurveda for
Weight Loss

Dr. John Douillard's Weight Loss Plan

  Pain Management

Pain Management:
Simple Ergonomic Techniques

Boulder Massage Therapy Institute

  Ortho-Bionomy   Stop Snoring Now!
  Nancy Harris, DSS

Nancy Harris, DSS
How to Connect in a Disconnected World

  The Science of Staying Young

The Science of
Staying Young

Hint: Start Now!

  Nexus Art Gallery

Nexus Art Gallery
See our covers

  Nexus Guide to Spiritual Groups

Schools, Classes & Workshops

Rolf Institute Rolf Institute of Structural Integration®
The Original School of Rolfing®
Structural Integration
Rocky Mountain Ortho-Bionomy Center

Rocky Mountain
Ortho-Bionomy Center

Be Inspired!

Psychic Horizons Center

Psychic Horizons Center
We offer classes & workshops that
teach you how to access your own clairvoyant & healing abilities

New Mexico School of Natural Therapeutics New Mexico School of
Natural Therapeutics

Our highest goal is to graduate compassionate and highly skilled practitioners.
Women's Services
Kate Dykema, M.S, C.N.M.

Kate Dykema MS, CNM
Allegro Women's Services
Kate is a warm & sensitive medical
care provider with a holistic approach
to wellness - 25 years of experience

Ravi Dykema-Yoga Therapist

Ravi Dykema
Yogiraj, Yoga Chikitsaka
(Yoga Therapist)

Alandi Ayurveda Health Clinic

Alakananda Ma
Alandi Ayurveda Health Clinic
Hormonal imbalances

Belle Star

Belle Star
Challenge & Recovery Coaching

Noelle Vignola
Noelle Vignola

Kintsugi Coaching
Natural Dentistry
Julith timchula, DDS
Judith Timchula, DDS
Gentle Care & Aesthetic Dentistry

Mercury & Latex Free
Low Dose Digital Radiography
State of the Art Equipment
Family Medicine
Stefany Carstensen FNP-C

Stefany Carstensen
Colorado Osteopathic &
Integrative Medicine

Primary care
Women's health care

Healing & Bodywork
Joy Om

Joy Om
Advanced Certified Rolfer

Cranio-sacral Therapy

Martina Kuhar
Martina Kuhar
Reiki-based Energy Healing
Private Healing Sessions
Long Distance Healing
Holistic Physicians
Helios Integrated Medicine
Helios Integrated

PIerre Brunschwig, M.D.
Deborah Breakwell
Margaret Hampton
Reid Bruggemann

Reid Bruggemann
Classical Homeopath

Intuitive Arts & Spiritual Practices
Ginger Withee

Ginger Withee
Spiritual Facilitator
Eminent Reiki™ Master

Lonnie Nordell
Lonnie Nordell
Resonance Healing
Find The Exact Help You Need Now Look Within!
Daniela Mouser - Psychic Medium, RM/T, IET, Spiritual Mentor

Daniela Mouser
Psychic Medium,
Spiritual Mentor

Josie Roase - Gifted Intuitive

Josie Roase
Gifted Medium & Spiritual Teacher
Life Coach
Over 30+ years of Accurate Readings
The Reconnection – Reiki Master

Fiona Cattermole
Massage Therapy
Aimee J Horton, CNMT

Aimee J Horton, CNMT
Hands on Harmony Massage

Dr. Maria Gentile

Dr. Maria Gentile
Osteopathic & Integrative Medicine

Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment Family Practice, Massage Therapy
Acupuncture & Lifestyle Modification

Zachary Musgrave, D.O. Zachary Musgrave, D.O.
Front Range Osteopathic Medicine
Specializing in Osteopathic
Manipulative Treatment (OMT)
Psychology & Growth
Edie Stone, MA, LPC Edie Stone, MA, LPC
Psychotherapy & Counseling
Shamanic Journeys
Couples & Individuals
Nancy R. Harris, DSS Dr. Nancy R. Harris, DSS Intuitive Psychotherapist
26 years of training in Energy Psychology
"A Spiritual Approach to Resolving Everyday Issues"
Elinor Nygren Szapiro MA LPC

Elinor Nygren Szapiro

'Highly Sensitive Person'
Support group
& Individual Psychotherapy

Dr. Dixie Clark

Dr. Dixie Clark

Opening to Your Soul’s Expression
Soul Centered Counseling and
Energy Healing



3330 Everett Dr., Boulder, CO 80305
Hours: Mon-Fri 10am - 5pm

(303) 442-6662; FAX 442-7596

To visit us please call and make an appointment.